Chinook Book Fundraising Agreement

Chinook Book fundraising will receive necessary information to conduct the fundraiser online and peer-to-peer. I understand that my organization is ultimately responsible for conducting the fundraiser and will supply volunteers, publicity, and enthusiasm to have a successful fundraiser.

I understand that the bank account I've designated will receive all funds from Chinook Book electronically. If it is a personal bank account, it is my responsibility to provide these funds in total to the organization. In order to continue to receive funds for future purchase, refills and renewals, I may be required to confirm contact and banking information on a regular basis and to maintain an active bank account

While the Chinook Book annual subscription is currently priced at $15.00 without taxes, discounts may be made available to users therefore the amount could be less than 50% of $15.00. I understand that I will receive at least 50% of the price paid by the end-user after taxes are taken out.

I understand that Chinook Book will provide regular reports and payment to my designated bank account. Payments are made no sooner than 30 days from purchase by an end user to allow for end user errors and refunds.