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Carrie Treadwell, Vice President & Oregon Market Director
Stephanie Dytham, Senior Community Outreach Manager
Chelsea Dungan, Sustainable Business Accounts Manager
Jake Koelzer, Sales Coordinator

208 SW First Ave, Suite 260
Portland, OR 97204

Phone: 503-222-7400
Fax: 503-226-7917

San Francisco Bay Area

Robin Low, California Market Director

737 Dwight Way
erkeley, CA 94710

Phone: 510-550-8280
Fax: 510-550-8287

Seattle/Puget Sound

Mariah DeLeo, Washington Market Director
Holly Palay, Community Outreach Manager
Alex Mabery, Sales Coordinator
Lindsay Gagnebin, Sales Coordinator

5339 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite A
Seattle, WA 98105

Phone: 206-281-1122
Fax: 206-770-6181

Technology & Development Staff

Marius Ghitoiu
Dan Dima
Cosmin Radu
Mihai Scurtu
Narcis Tabarasi

Celilo Group Media Inc. - Sucursala Bucuresti
B-dul Maresal Averescu 15A, Et 1, Ap 14
Sector 1, 011454
Bucuresti, Romania

Central Region:  Twin Cities and Denver/Boulder

Katherine Mullen, Senior Vice President & Central Region Director
Kristi Kohanek, Advertising Sales Manager
Preston Glowac, Sustainable Business Accounts Manager
Kate Rime, Project & Outreach Manager

2800 Lyndale Ave S, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Phone: 612-455-8380
Fax: 612-455-0258

Publications Staff

Greg Keene, CEO
Kristen Sagan, Financial Manager
Trisha Mead, Director of Marketing
Lisa Reeve, Director of Production
Crystal Jackson, Production Manager
Chrystie Hopkins, Production Coordinator
Jonpaul Kronser, Senior User Lorax
Dawn Fitchen, Customer Support Assistant
Marilyn Lipko, Accounting Assistant/Office Manager
Dan Pogust, Marketing Assistant

Celilo Group Media, Inc. 
208 SW First Ave, Suite 260
Portland, OR 97204

Phone: 503-226-7798
Fax: 503-226-7917