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Celilo Group Media, Inc. 
208 SW First Ave, Suite 260
Portland, OR 97204

Company Directory

Alex Vasilas, Software Engineer
Aliya Smyth, Production Coordinator
Andrei Bouariu, Software Engineer
Cos Radu, Software Engineer
Crystal Jackson, Production Manager
Dan Dima, Software Engineer
Dawn Fitchen, Customer Support Assistant
Eugen Popescu, Director of Engineering
Greg Keene, CEO
Jackie Armour, QA Assistant
Johanna Lacoste, Director of Finance / Controller
Kate Rime, Account Executive
Katherine Mullen, SVP, Sales
Kristen Sagan, Director of Finance & Administration
Kristi Kohanek, Account Executive
Lindsay Gagnebin, Account Executive
Mariah DeLeo, Sales Director
Preston Glowac, Account Executive
Robin Low, Sales Director
Trisha Pancio, Director of Marketing