A Community Story

The Circuit was founded in 2005 in Portland, Oregon by a group of passionate individuals who love bouldering and love their community even more. The goal was to create a space that could foster the community and introduce more people to the sport they love so much. 13 years later, The Circuit has three locations in the greater Portland area, and by later this year there will be a fourth in Bend, Oregon! 

Their emphasis is on the sport and lifestyle of bouldering, offering a grassroots, laid-back feel to the community. The Circuit has been proud to serve Portland and the climbing community at large.

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The Circuit believes in participating and contributing in sustainable practices for the future well-being of our environment and community. The Circuit uses such practices as participating in the City's recycling program, switching the majority of their lighting to LED fixtures or skylights, using soy-based products for their foam flooring and wall texture. The Circuit also utilizes reclaimed lumber and steel when building their facilities.

The Circuit offers something for all individuals no matter their age or ability. Whether you're climbing on your own or with your friends and family, The Circuit has you covered.

For those interested in more structure, The Circuit offers both youth and adult classes at all locations. Youth programs range for ages 4-18 with after-school clubs, summer/winter camps, and birthday parties. Adults can take an introduction to bouldering class included with the cost of entry, or for more of a challenge you can take the Beyond the Basics class.

Come join the community!