Olympian, Lauren Fendrick Loves Her Savvy Rest Organic Mattress

Savvy Rest interviews Olympian Lauren Fendrick about why she prefers natural mattresses over their synthetic counterparts!

Why did you want to go organic with your mattress and bedding?


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m big on health and performance and part of that is trying to limit the amount of toxins I’m exposed to and chemicals I use. Most of the products that I use for cleaning, “beauty,” showering, etc. are natural or homemade. I have water filters, air purifiers—anything I can do to try to eliminate the toxins I’m exposed to.


I didn’t even realize... until I started looking into mattresses the amount of chemicals [that are] used to make them fire retardant... the off-gassing... that was something that was really important for me to avoid..

Also, the fact that Savvy Rest is so environmentally friendly and community-conscious with their process of harvesting and creating the mattresses—that was very important to me as well. Working conditions, environmental impact, and support of community are the things are going to shape our future, so I feel a duty to contribute and support businesses that feel the same.