win $500 towards pre-made meals from Eat Local!


Enter to win $500 in pre-made meals from Eat Local! This prize package highlights Eat Local’s subscription service, which offers a range of well-priced meal packages. Their subscription packages are fully customizable (including frequency of delivery), and once you place your order, your frozen meals will be delivered right to your door! This contest prize gives you $500 worth of Eat Local meals, which works out to be about 50-75 delicious pre-made meals!

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Eat Local's kitchen in Burien, Washington, uses techniques and ingredients as a good cook would at home. Their beef is 100% grass-fed and their chicken is humanely raised and antibiotic free. Their kitchen is the heart of the business. They believe passionately that people can cook much tastier food than a factory full of machines. Everything is blast chilled and frozen, locking in flavor and nutrients so every dish tastes freshly homemade when it emerges from a customer’s oven or microwave.

Eat Local was started over 10 years ago because its creators thought people must want convenient food made using real ingredients and traditional cooking methods. They had no idea how hard it is to make delicious frozen food from scratch. They wouldn’t have survived without their drive, care for the customer, and their dedicated kitchen team, who worked through all of the mistakes. Eat Local not only offers remarkable pre-made meals to their customers, but also employment to intellectually disabled members of the local community who help with portioning and labeling.

A subscription is not required to enjoy Eat Local. Simply stop by one of their stores in Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, or Burien, or order online to get one of their meals. Eat Local meals are also available at Amazon Go and the following independent grocers in Seattle: West Seattle Thriftway, Montlake Market, Stockbox, Ken’s on Greenwood and Bert’s Red Apple.