There a chill in the air, which means that the holiday season is right around the corner! No matter what you celebrate (or don't), it's always a wonderful time to show that special someone in your life how much you care about them. Browse this gift guide and check out 15 exclusive gift suggestions from 15 of our favorite Seattle partners. There are more along the way so stay tuned!

1. Music

Boogie Oogie Oogie on into the new year with the best beats of yesterday and today. You know that Barry Manilow Christmas album that everyone loves? Or maybe that's just me... but who doesn't love the soul-healing, angelic sound of Barry Manilow's voice singing "Happy Holidays"? Easy Street Records has hundreds of CDs and DVDs available at the tip of your fingers, and when you click here you can save $2 off of your next used CD!

2. Wine

eleven winery.jpg

Who doesn't love drinking wine around a fire? Usually the trouble is not finding the wine, rather finding the fire. Eleven Winery has got you covered on the wine front, but unless you've got a firepit or a fireplace, you're probably just going to have to snuggle up in front of the oven or gas stove while you roast your marshmallows inside. When you buy that nice bottle of wine for the romantic datee in your life, click here to get a free wine tasting at Eleven Winery!

3. Kitchen Accessories

What better way to say "I love you" than with the gift of a spatula? Surprise your favorite chef with a wonderfully wrapped appliance or a spatula with a bow on it. Kitchen N Things has everything from Le Creuset dutch ovens that you absolutely need, to kitchen gadgets that you need even more. Pots, pans, and baking sheets galore!! Take 20% off your whole purchase at Kitchen N Things when you click here!

4. Framed Memories


I'm not saying you need to tell anyone you did it, but let's just say that a wrapped object appears suddenly in a spot frequented by your significant other, and let's just say that you pretend you don't know where it came from. When they open it, don't forget to yell "YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED" at a respectable and non-concerning volume. Museum Quality Framing can help you with your punny shenanigans and you can save 25% on photo frames when you click here.

5. Ready to Get Busy?

I'm just going to say it, yeah snacks and fancy dinners are great, but if there's one present that will be appreciated by both you and your partner it's fun stuff for the bedroom. With that said, you should definitely ask your partner what they like (if you don't already know) before going ahead and buying something. So you're either going to have to be really good at listening or willing to ruin a surprise. If neither of you have ever explored adults toys before, and you have no idea what to get, head on over to Babeland and they can help you out. Click here to save 20% on your next purchase and you won't be sorry.   ;)


6. Shoes


Step into Christmas with some new boots. No one likes to have cold feet in the winter, especially when they're wet. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. Having been made in the Pacific Northwest since 1936, Danner's selection of boots is vast and they are all made to get through the worst kinds of weather, while keeping your feet warm and dry. When you've figured out which of the many shoes you want to buy you partner, click here to save 20% on your purchase. Don't forget the wool socks!!!

7. Flowers


It might sound cliché, but a bouquet of flowers is always a fantastic idea. Who doesn't love wonderful smelling flowers in a vase on the dinner table? When you're ready for your flowers, call up The Stemmery and have the bouquet delivered right to your door! Click here to save 50% off of your first flower arrangement!

8. Handmade with Love and Empathy

Buy something that will benefit more than the two of you. Shop at a fair trade store to ensure that the artisans who make what you purchase can have a living wage and work benefits to prevent exploitation. Visit Fair Trade Winds to make your next ethically sound gift purchase and click here to save $10.

9. Plants


Surprise your plant nerd with a new addition to their collection. It's like having a child without actually having the responsibility and drain of having a child. Make care for the plant a team effort. Protip: don't sneak it in with their other plants. New plants should always be quarantined for a few weeks before they are allowed to play with the big kids (like human children). If you really want to encourage the ever expanding house forest, click here and save 15% on your next purchase at City People's Garden Store.

10. Comics


"It's not who you are, but what you do that defines you." No one says it better than Batman, so what you really need to do is go save Gotham one riddle at a time. Pick up a whole slew of issues from your partner's favorite comic book series or some cosplay accessories at Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique and click here to save $10. Show your partner that your real superpower is how much you love them. 

11. Decor and Furniture

Your living space is a reflection of you, so as a sustainable and ethical human, are you convinced that your space mirrors your values? So DECK those halls and explore Camelion Designs' wide collection of sustainable and ethically derived designer furniture, decor, accessories, and more! Click here to save 20% on your next purchase.

12. Household Supplies and Decorations

peoples city.jpg

Prepare your home in a quick and thoughtful way with a store that sells everything. Small treasures, recycled art, toys, pet products, stationary, you name it, City People's Mercantile is your one-stop-shop for your holiday shopping spree. Throw some scented candles in your wagon and plan a surprise winter date by candlelight. Save 15% on your next purchase when you click here!

13. Scarf or Blanket

Home is where the scarf is, so bundle up this winter with your significant other and a matching pair of brand new, handmade woolens. Whether you're winter camping, or sitting on a porch rocking chair, or lounging out in the living room, blankets and scarves are alway a super great idea for the holidays. Click here and save $10 when you make a wintry gift selection at Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts.

14. Himalayan Gifts and Goodies


If candles aren't your vibe, check out the wide selection of incense offered at Seattle's very own unique and culturally sensitive Himalayan gift shop: Pema Kharpo. Looking for ethically sourced and fair trade meditation tools and prayer flags? Click here to save 20% off your total purchase.

15. Board Games

Holiday Fury brought to you in part by Monopoly. The best way to say "I love you," second only to the gift of a spatula, is the creation of an empire to quash all opposition. Just make sure you have some other gift to make up for the drama that will consume the evening. Head over to Blue Highway Games and pick out what kind of game is best, and then click here to save $5!

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